27 October 2009

Just Quickly

Quilted another T for Thomas block. Might do some more while watching Back to the Future tonight; then again might just blob.

Burnt dinner (that has to count for some measure of creativity).


Sally Westcott said...

Can't wait to see T for Thomas! Lucky little possum!

How creative were you after you burnt dinner? That's always a toughy!



SueBK said...

Dinner was burnt on the bottom of the pan so I was able to pour it off into another saucepan. Thankfully I realised before I scraped too hard. Spag bol - not my fav meal; a bit of char probably doesn't do it any harm.

(Thomas isn't so little LOL. He's 22 and works out. The quilt was an 18th birthday present, but my timing has slipped just a little :-)