19 October 2009

Teddy Card

I wasn't creative yesterday. Most of the afternoon I was battling a caffeine withdrawal headache. Why I do this to myself I'll never know. Today I finished my niece's engagement card.

The front of the card. The card has a precut window and came with various coloured frames. The teddies are from a packet of postcards I bought about 12 years ago. They were supposed to be for birthday cards. On the back in the postage stamp corner some of them have names. Obviously not a goal that I met!

The inside of the card. The card doesn't have a flap to cover whatever you put in the cut out, so I needed to cover it with paper of some sort. My sewing/craft room is very well organised. Everything is in boxes, with labels. There's no boxes behind other boxes. I used to have lots of smaller boxes, but the ones behind were a pain to get to. Now, I have larger boxes and some have smaller boxes in them. I have a box labelled paper craft. Inside is a box with stamps, another with pens, etc. I spent two days looking for paper. Naturally, I couldn't see the BIG box labelled "scrap book paper". When I did eventually find it I found these lovely couple of bears, who look like they're supposed to go with the front bears. In fact, they're from a cutesy calendar I saved (also probably 12 years ago).

Personal details on the envelope have been smudged electronically; in real life they're very pretty :-) I stuffed the envelope. Day dreaming away I wrote the groom-to-be's name instead of the street name. DUH! I have no labels at home, but The Girl has a label maker. Feed your bit of something in the top and hey presto a label pulls out the bottom. So, I took the opportunity to make the writing a little fancy.


Al said...

This is a great looking card - I am making cards more frequently, as I need the therapy of creating something.... keep up your great effort, I enjoy seeing what you've been up to, Sue!

SueBK said...

Thank you Al. I enjoy card making 'cause it's generally quick. We (The Girl & I) picked up a great book called "The Card Maker's Sketch Book" (edited by Tania Fox). It shows a layout design as an outline drawing and then three or four different cards made using that design. It's a wonderful resource for ideas. As a bonus, in the back, it's got templates for making different size envelopes.