12 October 2009


Monday, Monday. Getting anything done on a Monday seems to be a chore, but I'm determined to give this every day creativity a fair shot. While the Girl was at painting class (being very creative) I went shopping for handles. I couldn't find what I wanted, but what I ended up with is possibly actually better than what I wanted :-)

For some time I've wanted to put some handles on our man-hole cover. We have blow-in insulation and any foray into the ceiling space results in dirty hand marks on the cover. The man-hole is visible from our bedroom so it often occurs to me. Plus the hall way is the next space to be painted. I don't want to paint the ceiling only to have dirty prints on it two days later.

Man-hole cover complete with grubby hand prints.

The second thing I wanted handles for was our bins. We have four - one for ordinary (putrescible) waste and three recycling bins. They have a spring to automatically lift the lid, but on some the spring has sprung. On the ones that still have a spring all it takes is a bit of paper caught when the lid is closed for the spring to not work.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get something artistically creative happening.

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