22 October 2009


This has seemed like a very long week, but I'm not really sure why. I only worked for an hour on Monday (although it took me 3 1/2 hours to get to and from the hour's work ); and I'm not working tomorrow :-)

Tomorrow I'm off to the annual Quilting & Craft Fair. Must remember to take some snaps on my trusty mobile of all the great ideas I see.

Today I spent about 10 minutes searching for some fabric. I bought some pretty groovy fabric to make summer trousers out of. It's a lovely light weight cheesecloth sort of stuff, bright/light greens and yellows with a silver thread through it. My pattern couldn't be easier. I have a pair of 'wrap around trousers'. Bit hard to explain but let's try. You put them behind you and tie waist ties in your front. Your back side is covered and they curve around to stop towards the front of your thighs. You then reach under and pick up the other side to bring it to the front. It ties at the back and the sides overlap by several inches (I guess maybe 4 or 5 at the waist). Little bit daring; wonderful cool in summer. (And expandable if you eat too much desert ;-)

The beauty about sewing them is that there's only two pieces plus two waist band/ties. You place the pattern (my old pair) on fabric that is doubled and folded; cut a curve for the middle; hem & edge them; sew two seams; sew on the waist ties. Hey presto; a pair of trousers.

Now, I only got as far as finding the fabric this evening. I have a basket of clothes sewing projects - all the fabric, notions and patterns in bags (so I don't accidentally use bits in something else). The fabric wasn't there; wasn't any where that I could find. Eventually I found it in the very bottom of my misc dress making fabric tub. Which is odd, 'cause it was one of my more recent purchases. I also dug up the pants I'm using for a pattern.

I'm guessing tomorrow my creativity will be focused on photos of great ideas. But maybe Saturday I might whip up a pair of pants and post some photos.

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