23 October 2009

Inspiration & Trousers

I went to the Quilting & Craft Fair today. I had a ball. For the first time I took money I was allowed to spend. I started quilting after we had The Girl and there hasn't been too much spare moola since. (Not sure if that's the fault of the Girl or the quilting ;-)

There seemed to be a lot more quilting stands at this year's fair than in previous years, which was great, 'cause as much as I enjoy the other craft's I go for the quilting. I picked up a few gadgets. A nifty brush for de-linting my machine, a magnifier so I can watch movies (long distance glasses) and thread needs etc (without my reading glasses). I bought a brooch for my glasses, so I can wear one pair and have the others handy.

And I bought fabric. I have a quilt by M'liss Rae Hawley called Mystery Sampler that I really want to make. You make 6 different blocks with 6 different FQs and a background fabric; and then you put it together however you want, with filler strips and bits to fit. I realised I have the perfect excuse to make it, but the recipient to be has very different taste to me. She likes muted colours, browns and beiges. I picked up a lovely bundle of 10 FQs for $25. BARGAIN! All beiges, dusty pinks and sky blues. Very pretty (but not very me). Then I got a bundle of 7 cream on cream FQs for $35. An average of $3.50 a FQ. The most of the stalls had FQs for $6 or $7. So, again, BARGAIN.

I saw some STUNNING quilts. Man, oh, man, oh, man. Some people are just amazingly talented. Colour choices; quilting that was just gob smacking; and details that could just blow your mind. I snuck some photos on the phone of quilts that appealed to me AND that I thought were within my ability level. Which meant I didn't take photos of some that really blew me away LOL.

And when I came home - I SEWED. (The crowd goes wild, the cheerleaders leap to life, the fireworks go off.) I sewed my trousers. I finished my trousers! Which is probably more amazing than me starting them. They're just so DARN EASY. Some photos (which aren't brilliant) to prove I've been creative today.

The shape that you cut out (need two, plus the four ties).

Showing them flat. Look like elephant pants LOL.

Showing a little bit of leg.

The finished product. Very comfy. And they don't look bad either.

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