15 October 2009

Ready to Start Over

I finished unstitching the unwanted teal this afternoon. I then spent 10 minutes looking for the sticky roller thingie. I know I own one; I remember buying it. I bought it for two purposes - one to clean up cat hair and two to clean up unpicked stitchings. Eventually I found it in the bathrooom. Naturally - that's where I get dressed; that's where the cat hair is noticed (supposedly). Sadly, I'm far too unaware in the morning to notice something like cat hair.

The roller does, however, work like a charm on threads from unstitching.

Below is my T for Thomas block, minus the teal.

Tomorrow I might start quilting the remaining blocks or maybe I'll spend some time in the garden.


Sally Westcott said...

I Love the "T"! What was the "teal"?

Very good start! But why do have a tag - "Housework"! Looking for the 'Thread picker up thingy" is "creating".

I do understand the confusion - sewing room - garden? In summer and when we are away in the caravan - I sew outside! Try it over summer - amazing! A shady spot in the garden and an extention cord!

Lots of quilty hugz

Sally in Hobart

aubirdwoman said...

now thats what I need a.. thread picker up thingy... why when I take a photo of what I have done, do I always see ... that dreaded stray thread.