21 October 2009

Mail Organiser

I wasn't creative yesterday. Went to the library and borrowed lots of lovely books. I love books. I'd happy to read all day every day. Love reading. Buried myself in a book by an author I like and didn't surface til way past bedtime.

This afternoon I drafted a pattern for a mail organiser wall hanging. We have great difficulties co-ordinating the mail. The Man can't see to grasp that if it's open - I've read it. I open it, read it, leave it on the table. He reads it, and leaves it on the table.

My organiser has three pockets - one for him, one for me, and one for filing. My idea is simple. BWAHAHA. I put his letters in his pocket, I open the rest. Anything he needs to see I put in his pocket. He then knows (this is where it falls down) that opened mail in his pocket I have read. If it's ditchable - ditch it. If it's fileable - put it in the file pocket.

Will it work? I'll never know if I don't make it. This afternoon I drafted up dimensions; printed some alphabet letters as templates for appliqueing on the pockets; and found a picture of a mail box that I'll probably simplify to use as a pretty picture on the top.

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