16 October 2009

Creative Creativity

My creative effort for today is, well, a creative attempt to justify doing precious little.

My niece's fiance mentioned on his FB the other day something about pineapple lumps from New Zealand. I happened to see some in the supermarket this afternoon, so I grabbed a packet. I even got to the post office in time to get a padded envelope and postage so I can mail them! I call it creative gift giving.

Tonight I stumbled on a site about running 5km in 9 weeks. That works out to about 80 metres a day; I think I can manage that. BWAHAHAHA. Actually the site is a plan to start at zero to work your way up by combining short burst of running and walking, gradually decreasing the walking and increasing the running. I spent some time crunching the numbers; working out where I would need to run to/from to get the stated distances. Thinking about whether its something I really want to. I call it creative self-delusion.

I entertained a work collegue with my wit and humour. BWAHAHA. I have a very! dry sense of humour and a lot of people (most people) just don't get it. They think I'm a serious and that's just tragic. However, my work friend thinks I'm hilarious. I must admit, its a lovely ego stroke. If I could clone her for audiences, I could work the stand-up circuit. Creative entertainment.

So, while I haven't been artistically productive today, I feel I have been creative. Not sure about the 5 minutes of tangible evidence, unless you count the to-be-posted package on the kitchen table. Creative procrastination.

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aubirdwoman said...

a blog post is a blog post for all that, but what about a photo :)
Oh I do understand about the humour... most people are just so serious.